Understanding the Law of Attraction.

The frequencies a being evokes within manifest without. We are continously generating the reality we experience through our energetic make-up (thoughts, emotions, intentions, presence etc.). Simply put; if we carry wholesome intentions, we attract wholesome experiences.

Everything is vibration, and vibrations produce more of the same vibrations. When we generate negativity within the field of our being, we reverberate that same energy outwards. This again attracts a certain experience, a certain potential.

Therefore, purifying ourselves of destructive patterns, false assumptions and limiting beliefs will liberate us to live with lightness and freedom of choice with what we want to experience. This understanding can open the door to the knowledge that when we are living fulfilment we largely attract, manifest and create situations that vibrate in resonance with that.

In other words, the principle of the law of attraction dictates that a human being established on the vibratory path of fulfilment more often manifest experiences in accordance with their path and cannot significantly deviate from it.

Therefore, one who has integrally understood the law of attraction can reliably predict the direction of their life with a sense of empowerment, wisdom, trust, faith and peace.

Here is the crux; fulfilment and freedom are not about avoiding or rejecting that which conventionally is considered negative (heaviness, confusion, tension, discomfort), neither is it to run after happiness.

Fulfilment and freedom is a condition where one effortlessly embraces life as it unfolds while honouring the totality of one’s reality moment-to-moment. There is a single-pointed commitment to living in deep truth and actualizing life’s greater gifts.


“You Manifest Whatever You Have Inside You. This world we live in, the world of appearance and everything that is in it, has nothing wrong with it. In a sense, it is neutral in that things are neither good nor bad. What makes it a place of suffering is that we are not present in it; what makes it a place of fulfilment is that we are present in it. For fulfilment is nothing but the fullness of our presence.

The world is like a magic show – you manifest whatever you have inside you. If you have suffering, you will manifest suffering, and if you have happiness, you will manifest that happiness and the world will be a happy place for you. If you have fear and hatred, you will manifest these beings. The world is like a dream life; it is as simple as that. Your dream life is very dependent on your mind; it is not God who determines your dream life. No one else is coercing you to dream one way or another. Your dreams are an expression of who you are; there is a whole universe going on in your dreams.”

A.H. Almaas ~ Diamond Heart Book Four, pg. 34

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